We aim to understand the morphogenesis, homeostasis, and disease pathogenesis of lymphatic vessels and blood vessels and their microenvironments to provide new strategies for regenerative medicine and treatment of immune diseases, cancer, and edema. To this end, we are working to develop novel three-dimensional (3D) organ-on-chip systems, cellular and molecular tools, and in vivo models to better understand the mechanisms by which cells regulate and respond to biological and mechanical cues.

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Recent News

September 14, 2023:

Dr. Lee is the recipient of the James and Mary Tien Excellence in Teaching Award, the highest award for teaching in the College of Engineering at Cornell University. Congratulations! 


June 23, 2023:

Lab awarded a new NIH R01 grant from NCI!  We appreciate the Cancer Tissue Engineering Collaborative (Cancer TEC) program for this funding! We will study lymphatic function in breast cancer to improve breast cancer immunotherapy in collaboration with Dr. Monica Guzman (WCM).


April 19, 2023:

Lab awarded NIH R21 grant from NIAID! We will study immune cell-vascular interactions using high-throughput nanoIEA assays in collaboration with Dr. Deok-Ho Kim (JHU).


April 13, 2023:

Harry (Yansong) Peng received the IFER fellowship 2023-2025. Congratulations Harry! 


January 4, 2023:

Rena‘s project titled “A microfluidic glymphatic-on-chip model to investigate the mechanism of Tau-derived paired helical filament (PHF) formation in Alzheimer’s disease” is funded by Cornell ELI! Congratulations, Rena!


December 15, 2022:

Paul’s study on glymphatics-on-chip is now published at Advanced Biology as a Front Cover Article!


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To create and nurture a diverse community dedicated to the discovery, scholarship, and leadership to improve human health and wellness by taking principles from engineering, biology, and medicine” – Lee lab mission.